Enjoying generous husband hood is one of the most desirable traits in a man. Unfortunately, it can be a very difficult thing to achieve for many men simply because they don’t know exactly what they should be doing to enjoy being a good husband. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to have more generous sex with your wife.

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Be Desperate For Her – You need to be desperate for her before trying to please her. Women aren’t as concerned about what you think they should be doing with you as they are with what you want them to do with you. This means that when you’re begging her to please you or trying to be nice to her, you really shouldn’t be doing anything at all. Just stay calm and collected and you will be able to please her endlessly.

Don’t Get Yourself In A Pinch – If you let yourself get pressed down by your emotions and just do whatever you feel like doing, you will end up causing yourself an immense amount of stress. The more stressed out you are, the more stressed out your wife will become and the less loving and affectionate she will be. This is a delicate balance but you absolutely must keep yourself in control. Otherwise you will lose her altogether.

Keep It Casual – Even though your wife has expressed a desire for romance, it doesn’t mean that every night should turn into one. Don’t play into her desires and instead go easy. Make love as if it were something casual and not something romantic. Take turns one on one or decide when your wife is ready for love and when she’s ready for dirty talk. Remember, every woman has her own pace and every woman wants to be stimulated in different ways.

Listen When She Communicates – One of the main reasons that a lot of marriages fail is that both spouses don’t listen to their wife. They may talk to her about all kinds of things that they are concerned about but never take the time to listen to what she is telling them. By ignoring your wife you are silently saying that she is more important than you. She needs to feel heard and understood and if you never communicate with her then she is going to start wondering what it is that you are really afraid of. Listen to what she has to say, even if you don’t agree, and try to find the positive aspects in her answer.

Don’t Play Games – Don’t let your ego get in the way and pretend that you aren’t concerned for her feelings. It will come back to bite you and make you seem like a cheap jerk. Your wife does want to have a romantic relationship with you and she needs to know that you value her as much as anything else in this relationship. So when she asks you for forgiveness don’t deny her. In fact if you are the type of person that excusing yourself from responsibility then you are setting her up for disappointment.

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